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Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a unique and customized (Equity) Investment management service provided normally to high net-worth individuals (HNIs) and Ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNI) investors.

The most important benefit of PMS is the investment research and asset diversification involved. PMS is professionally managed by experienced fund managers with investment decisions corroborated by technical and fundamental analysis. Fund managers with management expertise determine the entry and exit timelines.

Secondly, Portfolio Managers use a holistic approach and enable clients in overall portfolio diversification, thereby aligning with your overall financial planning. Thirdly, PMS offers a wide variety of investment avenues including real estate investment trusts, commodities, structured products, debt instruments, and foreign assets. Price movements for such assets are not directly dependent upon the equity markets and act as an efficient diversification tool. The ease of investment in such assets is significantly lower and is fast-tracked if executed through a PMS.

PMS partake in an aggressive investment approach and render dynamic portfolio rebalancing services. Basis market fluctuations and volatility, fund managers reshuffle the exposure across different asset classes. The focus is not only on the short-term and long-term gains but also on the overall quality of the portfolio.

Capital Required


Mini investment: Rs 50 Lakh

No. of Stocks: 15-25

For Investment Advisory Portfolios (IAP),

Mini investment: Rs.3 -5 Lakh

No. of Stocks: 12-30